Custom machined parts fabrication and engineering in-house with CNC machining precision.

When uptime

From log entry to lumber shipping, we design and fabricate custom machined parts and repair just about anything with a minimum of downtime.

  1. Sawmill parts

We’re leaders in sawmill technology.

Promac’s reputation for quality, durability and top-of-the-line service is something you can count on every time. Each custom machined part is carefully engineered and built to the highest standard of precision by skilled and experienced craftsmen. Our specialized skills and technology include 3D scanning, heat-treating and induction hardening, and our full range of in-house capabilities means we offer the fastest turnaround time in the business.

Splined Saw

Arbors and Sleeves

Thanks to our in-house CAD facilities and CNC centres, Promac has the resources to build top-of-the-line, precision-machined saw arbors. We are proud to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers of splined arbors.

Our saw arbors are:

  • Created by precision machine hobbing;
  • Manufactured from high tensile alloy steel;
  • Hardened to 60 HRC;
  • Fully compatible with laser cut saws; and
  • Available in two formats:
    • Solid: In this design, the arbor and spline are one solid unit. The initial cost is less, but the entire unit will eventually have to be replaced
    • Sleeved: In this design, the spline slides on and off the arbor. Creating the custom arbor is more expensive initially, but will be more affordable long-term since only the spline will need to be replaced

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Saw Guides

Promac is one of very few manufacturers in North America making saw guides today. We produce our saw guides to our clients’ exact specifications from approved drawings or samples, in whatever quantity is required.

      • Our aluminum saw guides are:
      • Manufactured from aerospace aluminum;
      • Hardcoated with Type III engineering hardcoat anodized finished;
      • Light and easy to handle;
      • Less likely to cause injury; and
      • Our hardened steel saw guides are:
        • Ideal for thin or shifting guides;
        • Rugged and long lasting; and
        • Ground for flatness and accuracy

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Babbitt Jigs

Promac designs, builds and repairs Babbitt Jigs based on custom orders to fulfill our clients’ requirements. Our Babbitt Jigs feature double-action air cylinders and spring-activated pusher pins that release the pads from the mold.

Vito Vallese
Sawmill Product Manager

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Knurled Rolls

We manufacture top-of-the-line knurled rolls and also supply replacement parts. Our rolls are hard-chromed and available solid or piped with any knurl pattern required.

Vito Vallese
Sawmill Product Manager

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Coleman Teeth Inserts


Promac Sawmill now supplying Coleman Teeth Inserts

  • Non-beveled teeth 8” long
  • Hardened for Longevity

Spiked &

Hourglass Rolls

We know how much work it is to refurbish your log-turner and infeed rolls, so we designed a replaceable threaded spike with the ease of maintenance in mind.

Promac Log-turner spiked rolls

  • Any diameter, any length and any hub
  • B-loc hubs
  • Spikes hardened to RC 50-54
  • Every spike threaded in with Red Loctite

Promac Hourglass Rolls

  • Change the teeth not the roll
  • When teeth wear, flip them over
  • No need to remove the roll from the pivot arm, saving bearing’s and time.

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Sharp Chain

  • Precision machined from solid plate
  • Pins & connecting links hardened to RC 50-52
  • Larger pins than the competition
  • Custom guide rails
  • hardened bushings in connecting links also available
  • Available in 6 and 4 inches


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Auto-rotation &

Double-length Infeed Chains

  • 3″ pitch and 4″ pitch engineered class roller chain manufactured int eh USA
  • Chain bed conversions to V-Rail guide available
  • Any profile for any infeed including A.R. conveyors

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Saw Guide Lubrication Systems


The Promac lube system offers a simple & maintenance-friendly turn-key solution for supplying saw guide lubrication.

  • Each unit is available in single, double, or quad sector outputs to supply a maximum of 40 saws.
  • The units are built from off-the-shelf components (no manifolds) made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel & bronze.
  • Adjustable high & low flow settings with gauges allow independent tuning and electronic valve actuation.
  • The onboard 60 gallon reservoir is complete with an electronic high/low oil-level switch & visual sight glass.
  • An included oil dispensing pump offers quick adjustments to achieve your target oil ratios.
  • Oil dividing manifolds can help independently split & adjust oil flow into separate ratios for each flow section.
  • The included onboard air injection offers an optional method to help to push lubricant and promote mixing.

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We like dealing with Promac because Matt brings delicious cinnamon buns every once in awhile.

- Jarrad Astren, Western Forest Products


We have been working with Promac more and more since we reopened in 2008 and it has contributed greatly to our success. Their service and quality is the best!

- Dave Hooper, Harmac Pacific


Promac has a diverse range of shop capabilities that is complemented by a solid engineering team. They provide innovative design solutions and efficiently incorporate available materials and resources in their designs. I highly recommend working with Promac on custom fabrication work. They consistently produce good quality products and deliver on time.

- Phil Ponka, P.Eng.


I can count on Promac to deliver on-time and on budget. Their sales team offers excellent customer service and is a pleasure to work with.

- Mark Buckley, Western Forest Products, Saltair


I prefer your guides in our mills.

- Scott Erickson, Interfor, Port Angeles


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